Fabric trend forecast 2018

By Emily Cooper on in Design

Every year the very clever sticks over at Camira Fabrics deliver their trend forecast for the upcoming year. Weaving over 8 million metres of sustainable fabric a year (for the past 5 or so decades) Camira are often first choice for contract furniture providers.

This year they’ve designed their fabric range around 4 stories, each with unique textures, colour palettes and moods; Reflect, React, Reimagine and Rejoice.


Reflect – ” With an appreciation of quality and simplicity, we take steps towards a future imprinted with wisdom and calm”

Reflect, fabric swatches, camira fabric, office colour schemeThe Camira Reflect collection consists of high quality, stripped back fabrics in a muted palette. Although the fabric has been weaved to suit demanding contract environments,natural fibers such as hemp make this collection feel effortlessly elegant, calm and comfortable.

React – ” It’s time for change! Calling on the global community to speak out and break boundaries”

Reflect, fabric swatches, camira fabric, office colour scheme


The React collection from Camira celebrates a utilitarian aesthetic whilst moving to move playful finishes like chevron quilting. Similar to the Reflect collection, this story also features natural fabrics and fibres whilst  juxtaposing them with a punchy colour palette.

Reimagine – ” How do we go beyond evolution? A curious mind finds answers to this intriguing question” 

Reflect, fabric swatches, camira fabric, office colour scheme

Previously focusing on muted tones, the reimagine collections shakes things up with a rich colour pallette. Inspired by advancements in technology, this collection is softened by luxurious woolen fabrics such as Blazer.

Rejoice – ” What better way to shake things up than to rip up the rulebook and chart a new path” 

Rejoice,Reflect, fabric swatches, camira fabric, office colour scheme

The Rejoice range is perhaps one of the boldest ranges we’ve seen from Camira. Combining super soft leather in bold colours with subtle fabrics in muted colours makes this collection feel playful yet luxurious.

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Download the full trend report from Camira Fabrics here



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