Meeting pods and acoustic booths

Meeting Pods

What are meeting pods? We’re glad you asked!

Designed as an alternative to building permanent partition walls in your office, meeting pods provide a private room or meeting space. In-built lighting and ventilation provide a workaround for possible building regulation issues that building walls might encounter. Pods can also be dismantled and re-built should you ever move workspaces in the future – a true investment piece.

Meeting pods come in all shapes and sizes. Some are made for individuals to take calls or work in, such as a phone booth or single office structure. Others are built to be a traditional meeting room seating 8-10 people. With office space at a premium, pods provide an excellent solution for privacy, flexible and hybrid working.

If you are looking for a less formal option, then alternative products include acoustic sofas or booths. These are even more adaptable than meetings pods due to their smaller footprint. Booths still provide space for a private conversation, focus work or a much needed break away from the desk.

There is a huge range of finishes and fabrics on offer for both pods and booths, so you needn’t compromise your aesthetic. With both conventional finishes and those with a softer feel, each product can be adapted. There are many different colour, table, light and power options available. Whatever you’re looking for we’ll help you find a product that’s right for your workspace.

If you’re looking for more inspiration take a look at our guide to successful meeting room design or have a look at some of our mood boards.

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Meeting podsMeeting pods

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