Meeting room table and chairs

Meeting Room Tables

Rather than a room that’s rarely used, todays meeting rooms are multifunctional spaces with meeting room tables to cater for both guests and staff alike. So how do you create a great impression with your meeting room whilst making the most of the space?

First work out who will be using your table and how frequently. Also consider the size of the space you have available. These two factors will likely dictate the size of meeting room table you choose.

Gone are they days of the stuffy boardroom table – there are lots of materials and finishes to choose from. So from formal, to fun there will be something that works in your space. If your office is branded in your corporate colours, you could even incorporate your new meeting table in this too.

Access to power needn’t be an issue either with power options aplenty. This includes surface integrated power for a sleek look or table top power boxes for easy access. Meetings often need to include video call capabilities and some meeting room tables incorporate screens to enable this.

If the space needs to change usage, then a modular, foldable or flip top meeting table might fit the bill. There are also plenty of comfy stackable chairs that will go with this option perfectly.

If you’re looking for more inspiration take a look at our blog on successful meeting room design or have a look at some of our mood boards.

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Meeting room table

Meeting room table

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