The Whale Boardroom Table by Vepa

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You probably don’t think very much about your boardroom table, but imagine sitting round a true talking point and that’s where the Whale Boardroom Table by Vepa comes in.

Imagine the graceful emergence of a surfacing whale, that’s the inspiration behind the Whale Boardroom Table. Crafted with sturdy PEFC oak legs reminiscent of a whale’s skeleton and a surface finished with luxurious PET felt, this table embodies both elegance and sustainability.

Joining Forces Against Plastic Pollution:

Plastic waste poses a severe threat to our oceans, with devastating impacts on marine life and ecosystems. By collaborating with Plastic Whale, Vepa is taking proactive steps to address this issue, turning waste into valuable resources.

Plastic Whale are a Company in the Netherlands, that fishes for plastic in the waterways of Amsterdam.  The waste plastic is turned into pellets which can be used for a variety of purposes, giving new life to old plastic.

Vepa have collaborated with Plastic Whale to create the PET felt material which is used in the top of the Whale Boardroom Table.

The Whale Boardroom Table

At the end of each table is a metal plate stating, “This table is made from Amsterdam Canal Plastic”.

Inspired by Nature:

Designed by LAMA concept, the Whale Boardroom Table reflects the awe-inspiring beauty of whales. Yvonne Laurijsen, co-owner of LAMA concept, notes, “Plastic soup is one of the biggest threats facing this fascinating animal.” The design incorporates elements reminiscent of whale anatomy, connecting us with nature’s magnificence.


Signature Collection:

The Whale Boardroom Table is part of the Signature Collection, which includes complementary pieces like the Whale Tail Chair, Barnacle Lamp, Whale Panel, and Barnacle Side Table. Each item is a testament to the collaboration’s dedication to sustainability and innovation.

  • An 8 person boardroom table consists of 1004 plastic bottles
  • A 12 person table uses 1305 bottles.

If you match it with the chairs that’s even more plastic bottles being taken out of the waterways, and being reused.

By choosing the Whale Boardroom Table, you’re not just investing in office furniture – you’re investing in a cleaner, more sustainable future. Join us in our mission to make a positive impact on our planet with the Whale Boardroom Table by Vepa.

For years, Love Your Workspace has partnered with Vepa, an industry leader in sustainable furniture solutions. As part of the Fair Furniture Group since 2019, Vepa has been at the forefront of ergonomic and circular furniture innovation.

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