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Workplace trends for 2023

By Rachelle Dare on in Design, News

As 2022 nears it’s end, we’re looking forward at next years workplace trends. So what does 2023 have in store?

There are well documented themes that look set to continue and some important shifts in the workplace as well.

Culture and wellbeing

A workplace trend that we wrote about last year too, but one that continues to grow and expand. Post pandemic, wellbeing and work life balance are key to workplace health, productivity and employee retention.

Research shows that whilst stable, employee wellbeing and engagement remain low – so how can your business work to increase happiness and reap the rewards?

Ideas could include flexible working schedules, compressed work weeks or onsite amenities. Sometimes however, improving wellbeing can be as simple as increasing natural light in the office or an ergonomic desk set-up. Before you race ahead or try to find a quick fix though, the best thing you can do is… talk to your employees!

Socialising in the workplace

Flexible working

Another high profile trend continuing into 2023 is flexible and/or hybrid working. Whilst we are all well aware of this trend, many employers are still struggling to get it right. However, getting it right might be more important you think, with flexible working leading to improved engagement, job satisfaction and loyalty.

Flexible working arrangements can allow employees to vary the hours, timing, or location of their work and are key to attracting people with varied work experience and different backgrounds into your workplace.

“Flexible workers are also more likely to be engaged which yield significant advantages for employers – potentially generating 43% more revenue and improving performance by 20%, compared to disengaged employees.” CIPD

If you need help forming your flexible working practices, the CIPD have some great articles and advice to help.

Flexible workplace

We’ve talked about flexible working above, but what about a flexible workplace? Offices need to be increasingly adaptable to fit the needs of different styles of work. Versatility is key!

This could include meeting pods for privacy, phone booths, cosy sofas or quiet drop down spaces. Workspaces still need to be practical (or say hello to workplace aches and pains) and having somewhere that colleagues can connect and socialise is also important.

Social purpose

From the economy, to the cost of living and climate crisis’, the world can be a turbulant place. Coupled with a younger workforce and a changing socio-political climate, it’s no wonder workers feel drawn to socially responsible companies. Employees are increasingly searching for businesses that prioritise social purpose. This also includes sustainability, with research showing that 71% of workers take a company’s environmental record into account when looking for a role.

Not only will having a strong social purpose and vision attract and retain employees, but figures show that consumers are willing to spend more with companies that are socially responsible.

Look for meaningful ways to connect to your local community, offer volunteer days to employees and commit to sustainable practices. This could include reviewing your business model, or workplace itself. By making informed choices about the products you buy you can make a conscious effort to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Technology and connectivity

The workplace is getting younger. Tech savvy and eschewing the traditional workplace benefits, Gen Z will account for 27 percent of the workforce by 2025. Combine this with hybrid working, and workplaces need all the connectivity. This includes up to date digital tools and smart tech to aid productivity. Excellent audio and visual access for video conferencing will also be needed to facilitate hybrid working. This will allow home workers to feel connected too.

From collaboration stations to conference tables, in built screens to discreet charging – at Love your workspace we can supply a wide range of furniture to plug into.

Coworking table


Last but not least, sustainability. Always important and ever pressing – noone wants a new office if it comes with a massive carbon footprint.

At Love your workspace we endeavour to work with responsible manufacturers and specify pieces made from sustainable or recycled materials where possible.

We encourage clients to avoid low cost and low quality, instead investing in furniture which will last a long time. We also offer a recycling scheme for pieces that can’t be re-used.


If you’d like some advice on updating your office in 2023, please send us a message or give us a call on 0330 332 0880 to see how we can help.

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