We pride ourselves on creating spaces people love to work in

Love Your Workspace have been designing, furnishing and fitting out a huge spectrum of work spaces for over 10 years. Consolidating our extensive knowledge of ergonomics with our aptitude for sustainable design, we’re able to create happier, healthier and more productive environments that you can be proud to call your own.

Office Design

We work with a variety of clients, from blue chip businesses to industrious start-ups to create stunning workspaces from the ground up. Whether you want a bright open-plan office or would rather convert to something a bit more modest in size, we can bring your space to life with precision space planning, then find innovative and sustainable furniture that's the perfect fit for you and your team.

Educational Environments

Whether it's for quiet study or collaboration, our design approach aims to suit the needs of students and staff of all ages. In addition to withstanding years of usage, the furniture solutions we provide can also have the technology needed to ensure your laptops are charged before that all-important deadline. Most importantly, we also take into consideration any acoustic challenges from the student union to the lecture halls.

Hospitality Spaces

We know how important the entire dining experience is from the moment you walk in the door, which is why we are accustomed to finding the perfect pieces to match your unique design ideas from the atrium to the bar. In addition to providing internal furniture in a wide selection of fabrics, we also have a portfolio of outdoor and cafe furniture to compliment your space.

Download the Inspiration Pack

If you're a bit stuck on where to begin, our inspiration pack will help get the cogs turning. As well as sharing a bit of what we've learnt over the past 10 years, this pack will help you to think beyond the aesthetic and into the nitty gritty of functional design. Sign up to our customer newsletter to receive your copy today.

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First impressions count, so why should your reception be any different? Knock everyone's socks off, with a little help from our reception design services. We love creating fantastic spaces for people to work in, walk through and wait in. We'll improve the working environment of your front-line team, create the 'wow' factor for your clients and help your business shine from the very first welcoming 'Hello'.

Office Space

Open plan offices with a hand full of bean bags to sit on just don't cut the mustard for us. Together with our sister company Posture People, we've spent the last 10 years earning our stripes as ergonomic experts. We'll ensure that as well as looking awesome, you'll have a happier, healthier and more productive working environment.


Good looking storage solutions are fundamental for functional workspaces. From the humble under-desk pedestals to bespoke storage walls, we make sure it meets the needs of your team with adequate space and security.

Quiet Zones

Noise levels can quickly creep up in open plan offices. That's why we often intersperse quite focus areas including standalone meeting pods, partitioning and acoustics solutions. As well as looking great, these can often be easily disassembled and moved enabling ultimate flexibility.

Breakout Space

Breakout spaces are a great way to shout your brand ethos from the rooftops. With the opportunity to get creative with furniture, wall coverings and space, they often become the centre of attention in many offices. They are often a little sanctuary and give individuals the opportunity to relax, revitalise and take the weight off during an otherwise hectic working day.


Some say that home is where the heart is…. we say home is where the fridge is. Together with our trusted refurbishment and fit out partners, we can create a kitchen or canteen fit for a king with durable furniture in tow to withstand the daily lunchtime stampede of all those peckish employees. Who says that kitchens are just for lunch? We'll make them work from 9-5, not just 12-2.

Collaborative Spaces

We think that working together makes the magic happen, and that's why we pour our efforts into making inspiring, flexible and creative spaces that help people to collaborate. It's time to pull up a pew and start working on a new exciting project!

Meeting Room

Sometimes only a formal meeting room will do. If it's new clients you want to wow, or a teleconference call from across the pond we'll make sure your meeting room works that little bit harder for you with innovative conference room solutions and statement furniture.

Outdoor Furniture

We can supply furniture that allows you to make the best of the great British sunshine. This means it can survive years of outside use being battered by the rain. Striking and easily stored, our pieces can make the exterior of your business pop.