Furniture Recycling

We incentivize our clients to recycle their furniture with us. It might sound a bit bizarre so just hear us out…

Waste in offices is becoming a big environmental problem. Envirowise, a government-funded group that advises business sustainability, has estimated that on average, office waste is costing businesses £15bn a year. In addition to the reams of unnecessary paperwork and emails that we print off, office furniture is a bulky waste of material that more often than not ends up in landfill.

In October 2018, we launched a recycling campaign to prevent as much furniture as we could from ending up in landfill, By December of the same year, we had diverted nearly 1000kg of waste. We believe in a circular economy and want to encourage all of our clients to reduce, re-use and recycle which is why we will continue to make recycling as attractive as possible with up to 25% off our furniture when you recycle your old furniture with us.

How does it work


Replace your existing chairs with a hand-picked selection of our office chairs and get up 25% off when you replace your existing furniture via our furniture recycling incentive.


We will send your chairs off to our professional recycling facility. Although not all chairs are 100% recyclable, their service will endeavour to salvage as much as they can.


After we’ve replaced your chairs, we will provide you with a sustainability certificate to show you how much we’ve been able to recycle.

What we can professionally recycle

Wood, metal, plastic, foam, packaging: Chairs, desks, under-desk pedestals, screens, storage, filing cabinets, sofa & soft seating, electrical items etc.

How many chairs can I recycle?

We will recycle (one) chair for each (one) chair you purchase. We don’t mind whether it’s one or a thousand chairs*

* Subject to location and logistics

Where does my furniture end up?

Your furniture will be taken away from your site (or our warehouse if we’ve collected) and taken to our manufacturers professional recycling centre. Here they will break down each piece to save valuable resources from ending up in landfill. Although not all furniture is 100% recyclable, they will salvage as much as they possible can.

How much does it cost?

Every recycling project is quoted on an individual basis to meet the needs of your business. We will need to know a little bit more about your project including:

  • What you need to recycle and quantities
  • The location on your business
  • If you need replacement furniture (and if so, fabrics and finishes you had in mind).

We will then provide a competitive quote with an additional incentive for recycling. Please speak to us directly if you need more information on 0330 332 0880.

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