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By Emily Cooper on in Design

Waste in offices is becoming a big environmental problem. Envirowise, a government-funded group that advises business sustainability, has estimated that on average, office waste is costing businesses £15bn a year. In addition to the reams of unnecessary paperwork and emails that we print off, office furniture is a bulky waste of material that more often than not ends up in landfill.

That’s why we have decided to offer 25% off new chairs when you recycle your old chairs with us via our professional furniture recycling scheme.

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How does it work?


Replace your existing chairs with a hand-picked selection of our office chairs and get 25% off when you recycle your existing chairs via our furniture recycling incentive. 


We will send your chairs off to our professional recycling facility. Although not all chairs are 100% recyclable, their service will endeavour to salvage as much as they can.


After we’ve replaced your chairs, we will provide you with a sustainability certificate to show you how much we’ve been able to recycle.

How many chairs can I recycle?

We will recycle (one) chair for each (one) chair you purchase from the selection below. We don’t mind whether it’s one or a thousand chairs!

How much does it cost?

We’ve selected a range of some of our favourite office chairs below ranging from a cost effective Orthopaedica back care chair to the premium I-work chair. All are DSE compliant with a minimum 5 year warranty.

  1. Select from the chairs below
  2. Contact us with more about your project below including the location and the amount of chairs you need to replace (if you need some more advice call us directly on 0330 332 0880).
  3. We will get in touch regarding fabric and options you would like on your chair (i.e with or without arms, carpet or hard floor castors and colours)
  4. We will provide a competitive quote with the additional 25% off recycling incentive
  5. Your current chairs will be collected, recycled and replaced with your shiny new office chairs

Which chairs can I choose from?

Select from the options below or get in touch for a bespoke quote:

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The Orthopaedica offers great postural support, making it a cost-effective option for people with back problems.

Global Warming Potential (Kg Co2 Eq): 43.82
Recycled Content (% By Weight): 37.00
Total Energy Consumption (Mj): 1043.13
Recyclability (% By Weight): 99.00


The Ousby offers an organically shaped mesh backrest that doesn’t compromise on support.

Global Warming Potential (Kg Co2 Eq): 61.24
Recycled Content (% By Weight): 36.50
Total Energy Consumption (Mj): 1258.34
Recyclability (% By Weight): 99.00


With a flexible backrest to encourage more movement, the Freeflex chair is both stylish and practical.

Global Warming Potential ( Kg Co2 Eq): 96.49
Recycled Content (% By Weight): 8
Total Energy Consumption ( Mj): 1997.69
Recyclability (% By Weight): 99


The I-Work is a premium task chair that incorporates a flexible backrest that mimics the body’s natural pivot points.

Global Warming Potential (Kg Co2 Eq): 66.87
Recycled Content (% By Weight): 10.00
Total Energy Consumption (Mj): 1385.60
Recyclability (% By Weight): 99.00

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