Furniture picks for the ultimate garden office

By Rachelle Dare on in Design

The trend for the ultimate garden office sees no sign of abating, and why would it? A quiet space to call your own at the bottom of the garden sounds dreamy to us!

These are the things we think you’ll need to create your very own green oasis.

The essentials

Arguably, having a desk and chair are what makes an office an office! And having a good desk and chair can be the difference between ultimate comfort or niggling back ache. Luckily there are plenty of options out there to fit all budgets and design aesthetics.

Below are a few ideas from our favourite manufacturers.

It would be hard to talk about office design and not mention Herman Miller. The elegant profile of the AbakEnvironments desk coupled with the classic Aeron chair is a combo that’s hard to beat.

One of our favourites, the Pailo range from Senator has a softer and more natural approach. Seen here with the refined and supportive Ousby chair.

Desk and chair for garden office

Another one from Herman Miller – this time the sleek electric Ratio desk. This lightweight and uncluttered desk will help you vary your posture throughout the day. Pictured here with the Cosm chair.

The ergonomic accessories

When you’ve got your desk and chair sorted, it’s time to make sure you are sitting correctly. This means making sure you are sitting at the right height, your feet touch the ground and you aren’t doing any uneccessary twisting or straining.

Below are some of our go-to accessories for a comfortable workstation set-up.

The Addit Bento tool box from Dataflex is the perfect desk accessory. Laptop or note holder, stationary storage for a tidy worktop and easily transportable.

Desk accessories for a healthy garden office

If your laptop is flat on the desk, you’re likely to drop your neck and cause strain. Likewise, overreaching for your mouse means lots of repetitive stretching.

The Rollermouse Red, laptop stand and Balance keyboard, all from Contour and seen above are a lightweight and sleek way of ensuring your worktop ergonomics are top notch.

You can read more about why ergonomics are so important in office design here.

Those little extras

Often our best ideas come to us away from the desk, so why not grab a comfy chair too and make the most of that outside view!

The slender frame of this Crate unit from Allermuir sits beautifully in any environment. Perfect for storage, books or plants.

Keep your new studio space tidy with this architectural coat stand from Naughtone. Hardwood legs and steel supports combine to create a great feature, with or without coats.

Garden office armchair

Want to add a little bit of cosy luxury to your office? This Oran armchair from Allermuir is a cosy spot from which to enjoy your garden office.

Sculptural feature for garden office

It’s definately a bit extra, but we couldn’t resist including this product from BuzziSpace. Sculptural and with exceptional acoustic performance, the BuzziPleat.


If you’d like some advice on making the most of your garden office space, please send us a message or give us a call on 0330 332 0880 to see how we can help.


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