5 simple office makeover ideas

5 simple office makeover ideas

By Rachelle Dare on in Design

With workplace style, well-being and flexibility becoming more important to employees, it’s likely that investing in good office design could pay dividends. However, when someone mentions an office makeover, it’s often the anticipated cost that stops the idea of getting off the ground. With that in mind, we’ve put together 5 simple office makeover ideas that will reinvigorate your space but won’t cost the earth.

Get painting

Sometimes simple redecoration can be just what is needed to update a tired workplace. Even a lick of white paint can provide a fresh feeling and a clean start.
Another alternative is Idea paint or chalkboard paint, allowing you to turn one wall (or several) into an interactive and creative space. So chuck out (recycle) that old whiteboard and get doodling!
If you’re feeling more adventurous and have budget to spare, why not commission a mural or artwork. This can also be a great way of including your corporate colours and branding.

Start growing

Plants are a simple and inexpensive way to brighten up your office. They look great and their health benefits in the work environment are well documented.
Biophilia is a trend that shows no sign of slowing, so chances are you won’t have to look far to find an employee with a passion for plants who can help maintain the greenery.
If you’re ready to expand the office garden, there are plenty of specialist companies who will happily help.

Be tidy

We all spend lots of time at work, and often this can lead to a build-up of clutter. Having a good tidy up can help uplift a space.
If you need somewhere to store your essentials then it might be time to think about new storage. This could be mobile storage masquerading as a soft bench seat, personal storage such as a pedestal or larger tambour units for documents.
With a huge range of colours available as well as clever add-ons such as acoustic screens, storage doesn’t have to be boring.


Moving furniture around at home can give a room a whole new look, and your office is no different. If you have a space plan you can use this to experiment with different layouts without any heavy lifting.
Space dividers and acoustic screens are another way to create new areas and screen others. Another added benefit is they can be moved and reconfigured again at any time!

Extra budget?

If you find yourself with budget to spare, then the possibilities can be endless! We recommend investing in some new task chairs to improve staff wellbeing and add colour with different fabrics.
We also love a great breakout area with a statement table – perfect for meetings and team lunches.

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