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Cosy office furniture

By Emily Cooper on in Design, Wellbeing

Office design continues to shift in favour of more comfortable, cosy and domestic design. As the nights draw in, we thought that we’d put together our favourite cosy office furniture to keep you warm this winter!


Hygge office furniture

1. Chalet

Chalet creates a cosy semi-private freestanding meeting pod.

Chalet acts like a semi-private shell in which the user can make their own interior by placing in there sofas/meeting chairs and tables or more comfortable lounge chairs. How you create the inside of your chalet is up to you, small sofas can be placed in there, meeting chairs, and a table. Pair with lounge chairs for a more relaxed environment.

2. Fiji

The plush upholstery on the Fiji armchair provides a welcoming cocoon-esque retreat. The hidden swivel on Fiji chair makes it ideal for a multitude of situations. Did we mention how comfortable this chair is?!

3. Eevie

The Eevie soft seating series adds an element of the 60s to any office environment. Smart, but leaning towards domestic, the Eevie sofa makes breakout areas feel a lot homier.

4. Grainger

The Grainger is a modern twist on a classic winged armchair. Contoured to offer a little retreat in any busy office, the Grainer chair has also proven to be massively popular in hotel lobbies.

5. Cosi

The Cosi meeting pod creates a semi-private acoustic buffer in open-plan office environments. We particularly love the Cosi range because of the little finishes that set it apart from other meeting booths such as the iconic Scandinavian shaped legs and softly contoured edges.

6. Hygge

Pronounced ‘hoo-gah’, this Danish word describes ‘a quality of cosiness and a feeling of contentment’. This range has been designed to hug the user and generate an intimate and cosy feel. Our favourite is the rocking chair version for when you just need to get away from it all in the office.


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