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Eco-friendly furniture

By Emily Cooper on in Design

We only source the best in responsible design, so it’s important to us to know where our furniture comes from and the footprint that it leaves behind. We have been working closely with our suppliers to help you to make an informed decision when purchasing your new eco-friendly furniture.

Why it’s important to look at sustainability

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) operate an environmental assessment for sustainable fit-outs. This is called a SKA rating. It is good practice to have your non domestic building assessed for a SKA rating by a RICS assessor; this will show you how sustainable your building is. Buildings with a higher SKA rating usually result in more cost effective, comfortable and efficient work place, as well as contributing to the important issue of reducing energy and being environmentally aware.

You can find a good practice guide for offices here.

Many of our core suppliers are right here in the UK using traditional techniques with furniture being manufactured by very skilled hands! As well as using innovative fabrics from manufacturers such as Camira, many of our suppliers are also leading the way in sustainable offices.


When we recently visited  the Orangebox factory in Wales, we saw leather being cut by hand, sofas being upholstered by master upholsterers and staff rewarded on the quality of their work rather than how many they can mass produce per hour. This culture is furthered by their responsibly sourced timber and commitment to recycling.

“It’s our firm belief that our environmental success depends upon open and honest communication & collaboration with customers and suppliers alike.”

You can see Orangebox’s dedication to creating green products here with their “No green bull” message.


Based in Lancashire, the Senator Group ingrain sustainability in everything they produce – from the packaging to the furniture itself.  As well as having separate furniture recycling section to the business they also offer a service to re-manufacture your products:

“Remanufacturing involves putting existing items of furniture back through manufacturing processes. Broken or worn components are replaced or upgraded, and any components which do not need replacing are reused.”

See Senators sustainability pledge here.

Herman Miller

Herman Miller had become synonymous with “modern” furniture. Working with legendary designers George Nelson and Charles and Ray Eames, the company produced pieces that would become classics of industrial design. As well as winning numerous coveted prizes for their sustainable designs, they were also awarded LEED-NC Gold Certification for Village Green head quarters. This 20,000-square foot, naturally ventilated facility is located in Chippenham, UK, and houses the company’s European headquarters. With a warranty of up to 12 years, Herman Miller Chairs are a great long term investment.

At Herman Miller, we believe that the future quality of human life is dependent on both economic vitality and a healthy, sustainable natural environment. We do not see these goals as mutually exclusive, but inextricably linked. Mankind’s future depends on meeting the needs and aspirations of a growing global population, while enhancing and protecting the ecosystem on which all life depends.

Connections Furniture

Connections are based in West Yorkshire and gained full membership to FISP (Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme) in 2012. Their strong commitment to corporate social responsibility also extends to their staff. After introducing a cycle to work scheme, at least 10% of their staff to ditch their cars and lower their carbon emissions.

We consider the impact upon the environment throughout all of our processes, from the initial design of the product, through its manufacture and delivery, right up to disposal when it has reached the end of its useful life. We calculate and hold data on all our products, detailing use of recycled content and recyclability. This information is compliant with the SKA rating criteria.

You can see more information about Connections environmental policy here.


Flokk are very passionate about their green messages. They have even made a Co2 calculator where you can test the carbon footprint of their chairs v.s their competitors. Many of our Flokk products also have EPD certification (Environmental Product Declaration) which is a  registered and verified document that communicates transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of products.

Our motto is ‘different and better’, which means we work with innovative new products inspired by health and the environment.

Take a look at Flokk’s sustainability policy  


In addition to working with local suppliers to ensure a high quality of raw materials and short delivery ways, Nomique also work with responsible fabric manufacturers who are developing materials with higher wool (or other natural fibers) content as opposed to man-made fabrics.

We like to do our bit to make our planet a little bit happier and healthier

Check out Nomique’s environmental message here.

It’s important to mention that our clients play an important role in this whole process. We encourage our clients to buy once and buy right rather than disposable alternatives that will undoubtedly have to be replaced later on in life. After using these products ourselves religiously over the past 10 years, we can certainly vouch for their durability! If you want to explore environmental furniture further for your project, please contact one of our Love Your Workspace projects specialists.


Our professional recycling service endeavours to recycle as much of your existing furniture as possible, and replace it with eco-friendly and sustainable pieces. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements directly on 0330 332 0880.

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