Mid-century modern office furniture for ‘Mad Men’ inspired offices

By Emily Cooper on in Design

Be warned that there will be a fair few Mad Men references within this post so a good watch of the hit TV box set comes highly recommended…

The glamorous offices of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce pay homage to the mid-century modern era (1933-1965). With their orangey hues and heavily wooded walls, this retro look has become desirable again with more offices looking to the 60’s for design inspiration; Everyone is looking for the Don Draper of all offices.

We are often asked how we can help companies achieve the same look as the Iconic offices from the hit show ‘Mad Men’. Although the fabulous 60’s furniture looks amazing, sadly in today’s offices with space at a premium, it might not be as functional as you had hoped (apart from the bar cart…there is always use for a bar cart). We’ve put together some of the latest Mad Men inspired furniture. All brand new from well-known established designers, you can also be assured that it will be safe, office compliant and warranty assured.

 1) Rollie 2) Famiglia 3) Rocco 4) Arber 5) Orly 6) Joist 7) Vernon

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