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Top 5 collaborative working furniture picks

By Rachelle Dare on in Design, Wellbeing

After a year of working apart, the majority of workers want to continue to work from home at least some of the time. This means a hybrid model of working will likely become the norm. One of the main reasons people want to return to the office is to be with other people – there are some tasks that just don’t work as well over video call. Whilst comfort and design are important, safety will also be paramount in creating group workspaces for the foreseeable future.

We’ve put together our top 5 furniture picks for collaborative working below.

Cellpod by The Senator Group 

Cellpod is a brilliant solution for creating privacy and space for collaboration, without building any permanent walls. Designed as freestanding units they can be taken down and moved should the need require.
Cellpod can be manufactured to meet your businesses needs and comes with a fitted smoke detector as standard. Further in-built options, such as USB ports and spot lights are also available. We especially like the Innovative Active Ceiling which allows the occupiers to open and close the louvered ceiling on demand, ventilation – yes!

Senator cell pod

Campers and Dens by Orangebox

Another product cleverly designed to define different areas or create hidden sanctuaries. With its curved lines and translucent canopies, Campers and Dens is the perfect way of designating areas for collaboration without shutting out the rest of the office. We love the different awning options; from simple cord, plywood or felt slatted frames to sensory biophilic printed fabrics designed by Patternistas.

Orangebox campers and dens

Cavert by Sixteen3

A steel framed wall system available in 3 different heights, Calvert acts as a striking room divider. Also a highly practical storage system which is endlessly configurable with shelves, boxes and planters. The system can include tables, seating or benches to accommodate break out areas and collaborative working. Available in a range of fun colours, we enjoy the sense of playfulness (and space for extra plants) that Calvert brings to a space.

Calvert sixteen3

Loop by Davison Highley

Loop is a small semi-private work pod created to facilitate touch down tasks and extended periods of working. Consisting of curved upholstered screen, laminated desk top and integrated power. Loop can be used as a single pod or clustered together in groups.
We like the soft curves of this product and the way it creates ‘safe’ space for individuals whilst also being open to passers by.

Worksphere Mobile Media Unit by Nomique

Furniture that works flexibly and allows for change is now more important than ever. The Worksphere Mobile Media Unit can be used to take advantage of open spaces, and moved to wherever its needed. The standard electrics are easily accessible via a back panel and it is available in fabric, vinyl or leather. This mobile media unit is destined to be a useful piece of kit – helping colleagues in the office and those still at home, keep in touch.

worksphere media unit nomique


Love Your Workspace has been creating innovative spaces for over 15 years. If you are thinking about adding a collaborative element to you workplace then send us a message or give us a call on 0330 332 0880 to see how we can help.

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