Introducing Blue Finn Stacking Chair: The Sustainable Solution for Hospital Waste

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Today, we’re thrilled to shine a spotlight on one of Vepa’s latest triumphs: the Blue Finn stacking chair. This highly stackable, multifunctional chair is not just another addition to an office space – it’s a sustainable marvel crafted from at least 85% recycled bluewrap, the wrappers used for keeping medical instruments sterile.

At Love Your Workspace, we’ve long admired companies like Vepa for their unwavering commitment to sustainability in the furniture industry. As part of the Fair Furniture Group since 2019, Vepa stands as a beacon of innovation, consistently delivering ergonomic furniture solutions that not only enhance workspaces but also minimize environmental impact.


What can be done with medical waste?

Hospitals operate on the principles of precision, reliability, and maximum hygiene, where the supply of sterile instruments for operating theatres is paramount. However, this necessity generates significant waste in the form of bluewrap, a material integral to maintaining sterility. Recognizing the urgent need to reduce waste, Vepa, alongside partners like Bywyd, embarked on a mission to repurpose this discarded bluewrap.

The process begins with the collection of bluewrap, which is then transformed into a durable plastic seat and back for the Blue Finn stacking chair. By giving new life to this waste material, Vepa not only addresses environmental concerns but also contributes to the circular economy.



Craftsmanship and Design

The Blue Finn chair is more than just a symbol of sustainability – it’s a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design. Manufactured locally with precision, each chair boasts a steel wire frame finished in a powder coating for durability. The plastic seat and back, derived from recycled bluewrap, offer both comfort and functionality.

Available in various configurations, including options with or without arms, as well as mid or high stools, the Blue Finn stacking chair caters to diverse needs. Its stackable design ensures easy maneuverability and storage, perfect for dynamic work environments.


Environmental Commitment

At Vepa, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a core value ingrained in every aspect of their operations. The Blue Finn stacking chair exemplifies this commitment, being 100% recyclable and contributing to the reduction of plastic waste in hospitals.

By collaborating with partners across the supply chain, including hospitals like LUMC and Meander, as well as waste processor PreZero, Vepa has forged a path towards a more sustainable future. Together, they’ve turned what was once considered waste into a valuable resource, demonstrating the transformative power of innovation and collaboration.



The Blue Finn chair isn’t just furniture; it’s a statement of purpose. It represents a bold step towards a more sustainable future, where waste is repurposed, and environmental stewardship is paramount. As we continue to prioritize sustainability in our workspaces, solutions like the Blue Finn chair serve as a beacon of hope, reminding us that every action, no matter how small, can make a difference.


With Vepa leading the charge, we’re excited to see what the future holds for sustainable furniture and the impact it will have on our workplaces and the world at large.


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