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Brighton themed furniture

By Emily Cooper on in Design
  1. Wunderwall meeting booths remind us of our beloved Brighton beach huts and work great as an alternative to expensive joinery structures that are currently used to permanently partition off seating areas. This clever acoustic booth can be disassembled and relocated in under an hour. Released in 2016, this year Clerkenwell Design Week saw an updated configuration consisting of desking booths on one side, and break out area on the other creating an all in one workspace.
  2.  The Cardita range comprises of elegant bar stools and dining chairs. Inspired by classic leather car upholstery, it’s shell-like back makes us think of summer drinks in the fine establishments overlooking the old pier.
  3.  Sunda is a range of plectrum shaped coffee tables that can be nestled together in a variety of fluid formations. With shimmery metal finishes available, we particularly like the sea blues and greens combination.
  4. The Freedom range of sturdy metal storage is partially manufactured from reclaimed, sustainably sourced steel to reduce its eco-footprint. Available in a variety of RAL metal finishes as standard, it’s made the perfect storage solution for a number of offices across Brighton.
  5. Nothing says ‘Brighton’ more than Beach Huts! The latest addition to our meeting pod offering, we’ve been coveting Beach huts meeting pods for our own offices. Highly flexible, easy to move and configure, these meeting pods have a removable centre cushion so you can use them sitting or relaxing.
  6. If you’re familiar with the agony of walking barefoot on Brighton beach, you’ll know why we thought of Pebbles. Contrary to our stony beach, Pebble seating is very comfortable. Available in three variants Pebble has the ability to nest together to create a variety of layouts and configurations that are easily changed.

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1) Wunderwall
2) Cardita
3) Sunda
4) Freedom
5) Beach huts
6) Pebbles

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