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5 effective flip top tables to create a flexible office space

By Rachelle Dare on in Design

Flip top tables are a nifty bit of furniture and are used for collaboration work or meetings, as desk space or for dining. When space is in short supply they offer the ultimate flexibility.

Traditionally, flip top tables conjure images of cold board rooms, lengthy training courses or even dusty storage cupboards. Sad tables tucked away and never used. But no longer! Flip top tables can be contemporary, stylish and practical (with no cobwebs in sight).

Below are 5 of our space saving favourites.

Array – Senator

A multi-use flip top table, the Array has two base styles and is designed to promote flexibility in the workplace.

A gas powered mechanism allows this table to gently open and close and cable management is accessible from the rear, side and top. As well as the standard rectangular top, Array is available in four different shapes. These include trapezoid, crescent, polygon and half round. As a result a wide range of configurations are available to suit all manner of tasks.

Simple but elegant this table is capable of withstanding wear and tear and nests together snugly when not in use.

Array table

Temo Fliptop – Casala

Temo is a high quality table originally designed for meeting room and conference usage but now available in poseur and lounge height. This makes it perfect for adaptable spaces like exhibition centres.

Stylish in appearance, Temo has two polished aluminium foot options to choose from. A simple linking system and safety mechanism make the table easy to use. It can be specified with a wide variety of integrated power and/or charging units depending on your requirements too.

In addition the Temo Fliptop also contains a high content of recycled material, yay!

Flip Top Table – Techo

Practical and economical, this flip top table from Techo is suited to any number of tasks.

The Flip Top is easy to operate with a simple locking mechanism for safety. Above all it is built for stability, able to hold heavy loads over a wide surface area. After that it tucks away tidily when not needed.

Everywhere – Herman Miller

As the name suggests, these tables are versatile enough to be used anywhere! Modular and mobile, a meeting room can be quickly set up or re-configured.

The tables can be attached, used and moved as a group, creating a streamline effect.

With a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes the Everywhere table can meet your exact specifications and lends itself to both formal and relaxed settings.

Everywhere table

Pivot – Senator

Another table from Senator, this one designed for individual use and small groups. The Pivot can be reconfigured easily using a one touch release mechanism, offering maximum functionality.

Available in a square, rectangle, semi-circle of trapezoid and with a wide range of top colours (hello Lemon Sorbet!) it will fit seamlessly into almost any environment.


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