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Download your free office move budget calculator

By Emily Cooper on in Design

If you think moving home is stressful, imagine what it’s like planning an office move. Making sure that all your colleagues, documents and furniture are rearranged into their new homes to everyone’s satisfaction, and doing all of that on a strict budget and within a tight timeframe! That’s why we’ve created this office move budget calculator to help you tot up all the costs of moving offices.

Moving offices can be hard and there’s no chance of a practice run. Your office move simply has to go smoothly the first time around.

Based on our extensive experience helping others move office, this office move budget calculator will take you through the important steps, help to calculate costs and make sure you’re planning everything necessary for such a huge undertaking.

Our office move budget calculator is a spreadsheet enabling you to enter the quantities of furniture, accessories, and fixtures required. It then works out what the cost would be in your choice of three price brackets (entry-level, mid-market, top-end). The calculator even estimates installation costs, legal fees and interior design prices meaning you won’t be too caught out by any cost that you weren’t expecting.
The calculator also contains a useful “things to remember” section at the end which acts as an office move checklist for you to follow and make sure you don’t miss anything vital.

Make sure that you effectively communicate with your team will help things run smoothly:

  • Put together a dedicated project team: It’s really stressful for just one person to try and organise everything, make sure they’ve got support.  When building your project team, make sure you get the right people on board. Make sure that the means of communicating with all stakeholders is determined in advance to avoid confusion. Make it clear who the project leader is and what everyone else’s role is. And make sure the people involved have the relevant authority to make potentially speedy decisions without waiting days for a signature.
  • Getting staff onside: An office move can build morale by showing staff that you are investing in their environment. Make the reason for the office move clear to all members of staff to get them on board and keep communication open and frequent. Change can be unsettling and the company has to function whilst the move is happening so it’s imperative to have your people on board. Explain the move in terms of business objectives so that they can see the value to the business. Bill it as a nice opportunity to clear out their desks of unwanted paperwork, equipment and furniture, and scan any items of paperwork you think you might need to save cluttering up valuable space.
  • Forward planning: Allow enough time to plan properly and to make relevant savings. Plan your space, budget and finance options well in advance and have the relevant stakeholders cast an eye over it and make suggestions. bear in mind that it takes between 3-6 weeks for manufacturers to make your furniture and we can’t speed that up (no matter how much we like you).
  • Make sure you have a visual design before you begin. Utilising 2D & 3D design will ensure that all of your new and existing furniture fits into your new space and gives your moving team a strict plan to work to.
  • Make sure you outsource what you can to professional movers. Make sure you use an office mover and not a household mover who will help you to avoid any critical mistakes.
  • Dispose of your old furniture and office waste sustainably. Take a look at where your furniture ends up when you recycle here.

Download your free office move calculator below. If you need any advice that we haven’t covered in this post then please get in touch directly.

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Download the Office Move Calculator

This combined moving checklist and budget calculator will help you keep your project on time and on track.